About Santorini

Santorini (or Thira) belongs to the Cyclades and lies 128 nautical miles from Piraeus Athens.
It has total area of ​​73 square kmwith about 15.000 inhabitants.

No shadow of doubt that Santorini has became world famous for the "Caldera view and Sunset" that thousands of visitors enjoy every day from the high cliff, on the east side, decorated with white-washed houses overlooking the immense Aegean sea. The 300-feet high cliff is the crater wall sunken after the paroxysmal eruption of the volcano around 1500 B.C. that caused the disappearance of the great Minoan civilization.
Rich in history, Santorini is full of archaeological sites to visit like the ruins of Ancient Thira, the Akrotiri Archaelogical site and the Venetian fortress in Pyrgos.

The volcano eruption in Santorini also was the main cause for creating some of the most unique and beautiful beaches in the world. Beaches like Kokini (Red) and Aspri (White) in Akrotiri, the immense Mavri (Black) that starts from Perivolos, proceeds to Perissa and Kamari and ends in Monolithos. These are some of the places that you should definitely visit.

The architecture of Santorini features unique elements of the greek territory. Houses built in a unique way melting with the volcanic landscape, that provides protection from strong winds. In the east of the well-known Caldera area, there are the main villages of Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, and Oia. On the west coast, the seaside settlements of Kamari, Perissa and Vlichada awaiting summer visitors, while at the center of the island: Pyrgos villages, Emporio, and Messaria overlooking the Aegean Sea and the islands around.

The volcanic soil of Santorini and special climatic conditions have resulted in the production of particularly tasty agricultural products. On the island you will find traditional tavernas but also fine restaurants, where you can enjoy only local products. You should definitely visit one of the wine factories of the island to taste the wines of Santorini and especially the "Vinsanto" known throughout the world.

Santorini is an island for all tastes. For lovers of the nightlife with planty of night clubs all around the island, while all lovers of exploration and sightseeing surely will fill all the days of their holiday exploring this unique place.

Being a populare destination, Santorini offers lots of attractions mostly for mass turists, but the island has also preserved its natural beauty. So, people who like alternative activities and close to nature, will surely find some of them on the island. Hiking trails can be tried in various parts of the island, such as the Oia-Imerovigli walking path, or hiking in Fira, Akrotiri, Perissa, etc. Each of them is unique and worth trying!

Some tips on exploring Santorini:
• Sailing excursions to the Volcano and hot-springs
• Sunset sailing tours
• Water sports in Perissa
• Romantic dinners in the charming village of Oia watching the sunset
• A visit to the Profetis Elias' Monastery
• The hiking path from Oia to Imerovigli
• The Ancient Thira ruins on the Mesa Vunio mount
• The Venetian Fortress of Pyrgos
• The Archaelogical site of Akrotiri, witness of the ancient Minoan civilization
• The Nautical Museum in Oia
• The Lighthouse in Akrotiri
• The New Museum of Fira, showing frescoes from Akrotiri
• The Old Historical Museum in Fira, with finds dating back to the Greek Hellenic Period
• Boutaris Winemakers, in Megalohori. Wine tasting and multimedia history of the island

How far our office is from:
• Perissa beach 1.5 km
• Perivolos beach 1.5 km
• Akrotiri 7.5 km
• Kamari beach 9.5 km
• Karterados 9.0 km
• Airport 10.0 km
• Monolithos 12.0 km
• Pyrgos 5.0 km
• Athinios Port 8.5 km
• Red Beach 7.0 km
• Fira 12.0 km
• Imerovigli 13.5 km
• Firostefani 12.5 km
• Oia 22.0 km

Santorini Volcano & Caldera View VOLCANO & CALDERA VIEW
Oia village, Santorini OIA
Fira town, Santorini FIRA
Santorini Red Beach RED BEACH
Santorini Perissa Beach PERISSA BEACH